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This PMP Study Guide Has You Covered

The PMP exam is developed based on the blueprint contained in the PMP Examination Content Outline. To make sure you're prepared, we include questions from each of the categories included in the PMP exam:

Initiation - 13% of test questions

Planning - 24% of test questions

Executing - 31% of test questions

Monitoring and Controlling - 25% of test questions

Closing - 7% of test questions


How We Help You Pass Your PMP Exam

Required Categories

You'll practice with questions from all five categories included in the PMP test so it closely resembles a real exam.


800 Practice Questions

You get 800 questions from five PMP categories to practice from.


Get 10 FREE Questions

Get 10 questions free. Simply upgrade within the app to access all features and 800 questions.


Study Reminders

Set the app to remind you when it is time to study. Be reminded daily, weekly or monthly. It's up to you.


Question of the Day

Every day the app will challenge you with a new question.


Test Modes

You can set the app to give you the answer after each question or wait until you finish the test.


Customize Your Practice Test

Easily create custom exams by including and excluding certain categories that benefit you most. You pick and choose.


Understand Each Answer

Each question comes with a detailed explanation of why you got the question right or wrong.


Know How You're Performing

Visualize your progress day-by-day. See your average score and how many times you have taken the NREMT practice exam.


Strengthen Your Weak Areas

Keep track of how you perform in each EMT category so you can strengthen the areas you're performing poorly in.


Effective Learning Strategy

A Better Way to Learn

All our practice apps are developed by educators and utilize our proprietary learning technique called ELS™ - Effective Learning Strategy.

Learning, studying and memorizing requires you to use your short term memory. ELS uses a technique called “chunking.” In cognitive psychology, "chunking" is a process by which individual pieces of information are bound together.

It is believed that individual pieces of information create higher order cognitive representations of the items on the list. This makes them more easily remembered as a group rather than as separate items.

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Pass or It's Free Guarantee

We guarantee that you will pass your PMP exam by studying with this prep app. If you don't pass your exam, we will refund 100% of your money back to you. No questions asked. It's that easy.


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